FANO: A Model In Service Delivery

Business organisations in Nigeria and across the West African region are placing greater demand on their data centres to provide business services at a faster and secured rate. This has become necessary because IT managers need to achieve business goals by aligning data centre strategy with unique business objectives.
To help cushion the effect of these challenges, Resourcery Plc organized a one-day seminar for Data Centre Managers on the business benefit of the Cisco Unified Computing System and Flexpod. The event which had representatives from leading Nigeria Banks and Telecommunication companies in attendance provided an opportunity for IT managers to learn how this business solutions can make  their IT processes more cost effective.

Mr. Nsikan Udo, Business Solution Manager, (Enterprise Servers and Storage)for Resourcery who opened the discussion noted that more than ever, business organizations now recognize that their competitive advantage depends on the ability to be more flexible, agile, and cost effective than their competitors.
Mr. Udo told the participants that; “With the Unified Computing System, your organization can increase management efficiency by making administrators five times more efficient through simplify infrastructure. You can also reduce cost and deployment time by half”.

He summed it up by saying; “The UCS would Increase asset utilisation and improve virtualisation across data centre resources. Ultimately, it’ll reduce your data centre facility footprint as well as power and cooling costs by consolidating web and application servers.”

Speaking in the same vein, Mr TosinAmusa, Data Centre Engineer, Cisco (Nigeria)explained to the IT managers that; “whether your organization seek to create a stateless computing environment or enable just-in-time provisioning of resources, the UCS does it for you. If you want to simplify the movement of virtual workloads or just reduce equipment and operating cost, the UCS provides a powerful integrated solution. But to realise the full benefit of these innovations, it must be implemented in accordance with proven methodologies and industry best practices.”

Speaking about the Flexpod, Mr. Rex Mafiana, District Manager (NetApp West Africa) said that Flexpod provides Centralized management of server, storage, networking, and virtualization. It also provides secure multi-tenancy and enhances storage efficiency.

“Together, NetApp and Cisco are offering a data centre platform that’s ready for virtualized environments today and still flexible enough to grow at your own pace to a fully integrated private cloud platform.”

In his closing remarks, Mr. Andrew Ejoh said; Resourcery will provide cross-functional and in-depth expertise that’ll help IT managers in the implementation of the Unified Computing System projects as well as sustain and optimise them over time.”