Why 2nd Niger Bridge Is Delayed


The Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola SAN, has attributed the delay behind the slow pace of work on the N206billion 2nd Niger Bridge by Julius Berger Nigeria to flooding. 

He said the depth of water in the river was not what the contractor could contain, adding that the water level cannot be above 15 feet deep for them to work.

“During peak raining season it slows down their work because really you need divers to go under, this is what it takes to build a bridge. So at the height of that raining season when there was flooding, work will slow down.”

They can work only about 15 meters depth of the River Niger Bridge, with the massive flooding that we have now it must be about 30 meters. So if you are doing 30 meters of water that is height of a 10 Storey building so they need to wait for it to come down.

According to him, “As the raining season ends you will see more activities there. Construction is not subject only to money, materials, and transportation it is also subject to weather.”