Itsekiri Youth Council Threatens IOCs Over Relocation Of Headquarters

PIX: Itsekiri Youth Council president, Weyinmi Agbateyiniro

Itsekiri Youth Council president, Weyinmi Agbateyiniro


Story By Roland Ekama.



All International Oil Companies (IOCs) should relocate their administrative headquarters from Lagos to their operational bases in the oil producing region of the Niger Delta, the Itsekiri National Youth Council (INYC) has demanded.

Although they gave no deadline for their demand to be met, the youth group threatened to adopt self help in forcing the issue.

for all to  from places like Lagos to major areas of their operation bases,saying that the only language the government of Nigeria seems to understand and reward abundantly is violence.

In a communique issued at the first ever INYC world congress held in Delta State and dated June 3, 2017.

The statement signed by its president, Weyinmi Agbateyiniro, and three other executives noted that the group was determined to take steps to "right the callous and deliberate wrong against the Itsekiri nation."

Stressing the need for the IOCs to relocate to their operational base, the communique pointed out that the era of complacency has come and gone,adding that all major oil companies operating within the Warri Kingdom must as a matter of urgency enter into fresh Memorandum of Understanding with their host communities to correct the alleged lopsidedness inherited in the current MOU if they want to operate in a peaceful environment.

"Consequently, the management of Chevron Nigeria Limited should not allow us to invoke the wrath of our ancestors on them by dishonouring the directive of the president. As such, they should move their headquarters from Lekki which produces no drop of oil to the appropriate location in Itsekiri land", the communique stated.

"We have agreed in unanimously to confront these life threatening challenges head-on, henceforth, intelligently with all the brains available to us to get our rightful share from the commonwealth.

"The Itsekiri as a tribe is an endangered specie that is being oppressed, suppressed and grossly marginalised by both federal and state governments, including our major ethnic nationalities.

"We anticipate that the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria will immediately put in place mechanism to quicken the massive and integrated development of all our land as the golden hen that continues to lay the proverbial golden eggs upon which the Nigerian economy is sustained", the youth group declared.

They noted that since the oil and gas were not given to people of the region by any form of resolution of the National Assembly, the youth took exception to the recent resolution of the House of Representatives on the relocation of IOCs' administrative headquarters.

The youth warned that it may resort to violence and armed struggle if its demand is not met.

"We are prepared to pay the supreme price but the struggle as enunciated in the declaration remain unshakeable, irreducible and for eternity", it warned in its communique.