The Calabar Pilotage District’s Shipping Position

Calabar port


By Izuchukwu Ozoemena


In furtherance of the renewed interest of shippers to use the Calabar Port following major constraints that have refused to give way in the Lagos ports, the current Shipping Position from the Calabar Pilotage District shows that vessels such as RIG Delta Queen (with no declared tonnage), MV Eternity C, whose agent is Sun Logistics are already docked at the harbor with 12,000mts of bulk maize. Also waiting to discharge are MV Rebecca and Dona Simoa which are laden with a combined tonnage of 4mts of general cargo and Pass.

At the slip way is MV Agamba also conveying general cargo. Each of MV Kenavo and MV Merbey contain inballast while MV Queen Esther, MV Brenda Corlett and MV Rehoboth are conveying passengers. Loaded on Chimba Express are general cargo/pass.

Vessels expected to follow at the Calabar Pilotage District as at Friday, September 7, 2018 include MV Miriam 1, MV Fogo Isle, MV Pacific and MV Genco. Others are Languedoc, MT Portman and MT Tornado. Each is laden with assorted products including general cargo, inballast, bulk wheat and PMS.