NISA Accuses NIMASA Of Abandoning Statutory Mandate

PIX: Coordinator Lagos State, NISA, Captain Taiwo Akinpelumi

Coordinator Lagos State, NISA, Captain Taiwo Akinpelumi


Story By Roland Ekama.


The Nigerian Ship Owners Association (NISA) has accused the management of Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) of abandoning the primary role it was created to play.

 The Association said that the most of the agency's activities are now channeled towards revenue collection, saying that the agency role is purely on capacity building, shipping development, safety and security.

Coordinator Lagos State, NISA, Captain Taiwo Akinpelumi in a chat with Business and Maritime West Africa argued that the primary function of the apex regulatory agency was to develop shipping and not to relegate such status for monetary terms.

Akinpelumi noted that revenue collection by NIMASA made it to lose the primary objectives of its establishment, adding that the law  states categorically its functions and responsibilities.

He pointed out that local shipping capacity is dead. He said  for the sector to be revamped, NIMASA must focus squarely on its core mandate.

Akinpelumi noted the indigenous ship owners have the capacity to address the challenges faced by cadets from Nigerian academies. He said that with the right policies from the government can make the difference by way of providing sea time experience.

He maintained that the association remain a key player in the maritime industry and plans are ongoing to engage the relevant authority on how to address issues affecting the industry.