Lagos-Ibadan Rail : Amaechi Accuses CCECC Of Frustrating Govt Agenda


The Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, has expressed anger over the slow pace of work being executed by the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation on the Lagos end of the standard gauge Lagos-Ibadan rail line, saying the company is frustrating the planned commissioning date. 

He accused the contractors of failing to mobilise its workers to site on the excuse that some sub-contractors could not deliver the portion of work given to them. 


Amaech spoke on Tuesday during an inspection of the $1.5bn standard gauge rail project at the Ologun-Eru area of Oyo State.

He said, “If I say I am impressed with the CCECC on the Lagos axis of this project, then I am lying. We are just not there in the Lagos area at all.

“We have resolved all the crises in Lagos; and I must commend the Lagos State Water Corporation people for resolving the water pipelines issue which constituted a major hindrance to the project. After the resolution of this issue, the CCECC has refused to mobilise to site in Lagos.”

On excuses given by the CCECC for the delay, Amaechi stated, “The CCECC gave reasons for the slow pace of work at the Lagos end. They claimed that the jobs given to some of the sub-contractors were not met. For instance, the person relocating the water pipes was expected to finish that by November 2nd; but now the person is asking for additional two months to complete that.

“The excuse given by the sub-contractor is that there are other issues that have to be solved before the water pipes can be relocated. For me, this excuse, although tenable, is not excusable. There is a need for them to speed up because the speed between part of Ogun to Ibadan is encouraging; but the speed from Apapa to Ebute-Meta and to some other parts of Lagos is discouraging. The solution to the water pipelines has been found, but relocation is what is delaying us now.”