Dilapidated Port Access Roads: Cost Of Moving Containers Up 1,100%

Dilapidated Port Access Roads


The nightmarish process of transporting containers from Lagos ports to other parts of the city has forced an astronomical 1,100 percent rise with truck owners spending weeks in transit for a journey should have taken less than 24 hours.

Transportation of a 20 feet container from Apapa to Ikeja which used to be N25,000 has now risen to about N300,000, according to a Vanguard report.

“Bad port access road for the past four years has affected the cost of transportation. Now containers that are supposed to move from Apapa port to Ikeja at the cost of maybe N30,000, now cost up to N300,000.

“So all these things are factored into cost of production and affect the selling price that is why you see made in Nigeria goods costlier than those imported. It is unfortunate that people in government seem not to understand this,” president/CEO of NICSOL Worldwide Investment Limited, Mr. Nicodemus Odolo, said, adding that the bad roads have affected the movement of goods to and from the port as well as the cost of movement of consignments to and from the port.

Also, the president of Shippers Association of Lagos, Rev. Jonathan Nicol, said transportation of goods from Tin-can Port to Ikeja which used to cost N50,000 for a 20 feet container now costs N275,000. Nicol also disclosed that a 40 feet container which used to cost N80,000, now attracts about N430,000 to N450,000.

He explained that this is mainly caused by bad roads which make trucks spend weeks on the roads before they get in and out of the ports. He said importers are made to pay high demurrage charges because it is becoming increasingly difficult for trucks to get into the port.