Apapa Gridlock: Why NPA Suspended Maersk, 3 other Foreign Shipping Lines


The management of Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), has explained why it slammed a 10 day suspension on Maerskline shipping and three other foreign shipping lines.

NPA had in a rare show of courage, over the weekend, hammered the powerful foreign shipping companies, following the protracted strike by truck drivers at the Lagos Port Complex Apapa over movement of empty containers.

The foreign shipping lines were said to have been operating without regard to guidelines and directives from Nigerian government agencies and regulatory authorities.

The other shipping lines affected by the suspension are Cosco Shipping, APS and Lansal.

A statement signed by Assistant General Manager, Corporate and Strategic Communications, Isah Suwaid, noted that “the suspension follows the Authority’s checks which revealed that the four companies have failed to fully comply with the directive to acquire and operate holding bays as they have either failed to utilise their holding bays at all or do not have adequate capacity to handle the volume of containers that they deal with.

“Some of these companies have also been found to import a larger number of containers than empty containers exported thereby making the country a dumping ground for empties. “These conducts have contributed to the persistent congestion around the Lagos Port Complex and the Tin Can Island Port, spreading to other parts of the Lagos metropolis where truck drivers with no immediate business at the ports now park their trucks.

“At the expiration of this suspension, the Authority will review the level of compliance to its directives and determine further actions.  “In addition to this, the NPA will henceforth embark on a regular compliance check of the operations of holding bays by shipping companies and terminal operators and defaulters will be sanctioned.

“Stakeholders have also agreed that while the call up system through the ports management as advised by shipping companies will remain in force, personnel of the Nigerian Navy will discontinue the issuance of call ups, even though they will remain on the traffic management team.

“Finally, the Authority wishes to state that the planned introduction of a new service charge called “Empty positioning fee” by shipping lines is illegal and should not be honoured by any operator. “The Authority is grateful to all stakeholders for their cooperation,” Suwaid concluded.