Absence Of Sea-shore Protection Scuttled Take-Off Of Apapa Trailer Park



The absence of sea shore protection line at the 3,000 capacity trailer park opposite the second gate of Tin-can Island port, Apapa, Lagos, has ensured the park cannot be put to use about five years after the completion as it was not included in the original contract.

The multi-million naira project has been abandoned over the years by the Ministry of Works and Housing. Investigations revealed that the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), at the height of traffic gridlock around the Apapa port corridor, had sought to activate the park as a solution.

NPA was advice that the structures set up on reclaimed land would collapse if no sea shore protection line is put in place.

But the Port Manager of Tin-can Island port, Emmanuel Akporherhi, said they have however got permission to toll trucks there on temporal arrangement. According to him, “The Ministry of Works has allowed vehicles, those blocking the roads, to be towed into the place for now so by the time we have the lee way to operate properly, especially when the palliatives on the very bad spot at Berger-Suya area are sorted out, I am sure we will be able to make use of all that we have to control the traffic effectively and stop using the place.

“You will know where to turn vehicles to, where to ask vehicles to pass easily but when an area is cut off completely, there is nothing you can do,” he said.