Sea Transportation: Death Knell For National Carrier

Business And Maritime West Africa Editorial



At best, it was a subdued applause when Chibuike Amaechi, minister of transportation announced last year that the federal government will roll machinery into gear to establish a new public shipping company for the third time in the nation’s history after NNSL and NUL.

Not unexpectedly, nothing is going according to plan. That it was supposed to be private sector-driven does not seem to have made any difference.

About five years ago, power distribution was concessioned to private organisations whimsically named DISCOs. It was expected to usher the much needed investment that would improve power supply.

After being heavily maligned in the midst of a seeming failed experiment, the companies want out. In our analysis, the best option left to government may be to unbundle the national grid.

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Okey Ibeke