Business and Maritime West Africa Editorial




In a society where good governance carries the day, there would have been a major national inquiry going on now. By all definitions, it has scandal written all over it. It would not have been just an inquiry into the dubious management of the people’s commonwealth, but heads would have been chopped off at the guillotine with criminal prosecutions.

NIMASA took a page from NPA’s inglorious book of wasting the national resources in an ill-planned, ill-motivated venture into acquiring a floating dock, a similar venture NPA had been into a few years ago and failed spectacularly.

Can the National Assembly initiate the process? Very unlikely. While the floating dock was under construction in the Netherlands, members of the relevant committees on maritime in the Senate and House of Representatives were flown there to “inspect” the progress of work at NIMASA’s expense. While millions of dollars are wasting every week, NIMASA will in the coming months be embroiled in seeking an operations base for a platform it spent about five years building.

This week’s special package unravels the scandalous indolence in NIMASA in an otherwise viable venture it is not equipped to run and should not have ventured into.

Never in the history of budget making has there been so much brickbats between the executive branch and federal lawmakers as if the record breaking delay in the passage of the 2018 budget is not bad enough.

We had expected that the year leading to the general elections would hold lots of intrigues and surprises. It may have started much earlier than expected at a much faster pace than expected.

However it pans out, trust us to keep you up to speed. Welcome to the first week after the ruling party’s much anticipated national convention.


Okey Ibeke