Port Infrastructure

  • A container falling off a truck on the Tincan Port Road

    The Rickety Trailers And Ports Access Road

    What an irony! It appears that as the federal government’s efforts to fix the Tin Can port stretch of the Apapa/Oshodi expressway progresses, more containers fall off

  • Excavating For Drainage

    Is New Contract For Apapa Ports Access Roads: Not Coming Too Late?

    There have been many cases of containers falling down from trailers, spilling their contents and crushing other vehicles especially on the deadly stretch between Coconut

  • A Goods Truck On The Highway

    Why Restrict Movement Of Trucks On Nigerian Roads?

    The House of Representatives is working to institute a law restricting the movement of trucks on the highways within a certain period in the day.  Different interest

  • Habibu Abdullahi, MD, NPA

    NPA Adopts New Budgets Approach

    With the year rushing to an end, the Nigerian Ports Authority is yet to come to terms with performance stipulations in her budget outlay, a development the Managing

  • President Jonathan

    Govt Commissions Firm For Onitsha Port

    Following the recent commissioning of the N4 billion inland river port in Onitsha, Anambra state, what now follows is the management model to be adopted to realize the

  • Calabar Port

    Calabar Port: The Siberia Of Shipping In Nigeria?

    Despite the dredging of the Calabar port at a total cost of 56 million USD in 2006, the channel remains shallow presently, maintaining a depth of only 6.4 metres to the

  • Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

    Nigerian Ports To Have With Rail Lines

    Rail tracks leading to the nation’s ports will soon be rehabilitated to ease movement of goods in and out of the ports. Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala,

  • Senator Idris Umar

    Maritime Vessel Fund Now Ready For 8 Firms

    Indigenous participation in Nigeria’s shipping development is now receiving needed priority as the federal government is set to disburse the accumulated Cabotage Vessel

  • Oguta Lake

    FG To Spend N8.3bn On Inland Ports, Dredging Of Rivers

    To resuscitate inland waterways transportation in Nigeria, the Federal Government recently approved contracts to the tune of N8. 3 billion to put in place certain

  • Concession, Cause Of Congestion On Ports' Access Roads

    Wholesale port concession with little or no concrete arrangement for parking space for trucks which is a must in the entire system has been identified as the major


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