• Nigeria’s Rice Follies

      In every home in Nigeria, rice is no longer a meal for special occasions. Its an every day affair, a ubiquitous staple food. Time was when it was grown locally. But as

  • Seafreight

    Sea Transportation: Death Knell For National Carrier

      At best, it was a subdued applause when Chibuike Amaechi, minister of transportation announced last year that the federal government will roll machinery into gear to

  •  Onitsha River Port

    The Politics Of Onitsha River Port: Just As We Predicted!

      It did not take long, did it? Earlier this July, we featured a special report on the politics surrounding the Onitsha river port project and predicted that as the 2019

  • Apapa Port Road

    Apapa: The Price We Pay

      Welcome to our special package on the crisis crippling Nigeria’s economy: the avoidable traffic gridlock that has made it impossible for cargoes to be evacuated from

  • Rice Smuggling

    Business and Maritime West Africa Editorial

      Audu Ogbeh comes closest to being Nigeria’s maverick politician. On the issue of rice – its importation and local production – he has been both comical and inspiring.

  • NPA and NIMASA

    Business and Maritime West Africa Editorial

      In a society where good governance carries the day, there would have been a major national inquiry going on now. By all definitions, it has scandal written all over it

  • Onitsha River Port

    Business And Maritime West Africa Editorial

      In saner climes, the undoubted viability of the project would have made its prompt execution a no-brainer. The status of the more vigorously promoted inland dry ports

  • fuel pump

    Business and Maritime West Africa Editorial

      To experts knowledgeable in the importation and distribution of refined petroleum products, especially premium motor spirit, better known as petrol, the insistence by

  • Nimasa

    Business and Maritime West Africa Editorial

      From being an agency to prop up the fortunes of indigenous shipping companies and facilitate the emergence of Nigeria as a vessel-owning and operating nation as

  •  Seaport Security

    Questions On Seaport Security

        After surviving a vicious cyber attack that kept us off the grid for a month, it is great to be back and decidedly better. During our forced shut down, a total


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